Strategic Vision

It does not matter if you are $1M small business or $500M corporation, you need to have a vision statement that is clearly communicated throughout the whole organization.  Many leaders get so entrenched in day to day activities that they forget to set the course.  This is especially true in smaller businesses where one individual might wear multiple hats.  As a result, the whole organization looses focus, each person/department works on its own important projects and synergy is lost.

With our approach, we will guide and help you create vision, organizational alignment, and stay focused on what’s most important – strategic and competitive growth.  For smaller businesses we start with our 6 step system expending it further to meet the needs of larger corporations.

Leadership Growth

You might have the most robust processes and improvement strategy, but without understanding and commitment of your leadership team, you will not get anywhere.  If your leaders do not believe and are not passionate, they will not be able to make their managers and teams understand and believe.

Leaders must share their passion for the company, products and customers.  They must listen to their teams, be humble yet open to the new ideas.  Only then will they be successful in building and developing world class organization.  Often we tend to forget that people do not work with companies, they work with people.

Under our guidance,  we will help you create and development plans not only for your leadership team, but also for the rest of your organization.  We will also introduce to you proper individual and departmental KPIs and most importantly we will help you align the whole organization with desired strategy. Supplier – YOU – Customer, all are integral parts of successful leadership development program.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is what drives your company’s day to day execution. It is an element of organizational leadership that focuses on continuous improvement, development of good habits and implementation of outstanding performance metrics.  It not only encompasses your internal operations, but spills out through your supply chain and customer base.  Operational Excellence ensures lower operational risk, lower operating costs, increase in revenues and creates value for customers and shareholders.  Systematic process management and investments in the right culture are what makes successful companies stand out.

With our “board-room to shop floor” approach we provide guidance in ranges of topics, from strategic decisions regarding establishing new manufacturing operations or office locations, to specific production site, line or department improvements.  With our technique, not only we can provide you with strategic positioning or cost saving solutions in relations to location or service area, but also help you experience 10% – 50% productivity improvements in a specific applications.

Manufacturing Development

In today’s business world maintaining safe, high quality and low costs manufacturing operations is crucial.  Poor quality, low productivity and high costs often start long before the product even hits the shop floor. All those begin with product complexity, design, sourcing, scheduling and in some instances service area. In typical manufacturing environment, although critical, production step is just a small part of the complete value stream.  Successful manufacturing organizations understand this and establish measures and gates long before the product hits the shop floor.

Our approach is simple, putting an emphasis on safety, quality, delivery and costs we help our clients create a value proposition embracing all aspects of manufacturing operations – manufacturing engineering, supply chain, scheduling, production and logistics.  With clients that have never been previously exposed to lean methodology, we usually start with “low hanging fruit”.  Those successes help you achieve quick cost savings and at the same time create buy-in from the rest of your team.  Of course our approach varies from client to client base on company size, vision and lean culture advancement.  We can help you with individual line improvements all the way to complete manufacturing plant strategic overhaul and re-layout.